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Choose our next book

December 11, 2011

11th Grade WebQuest


It’s up to you and your group to decide what book we read next. Your options are wide open, but you have to convince your classmates.

The Task

Each group of three students will be responsible for compiling a wish list of books to read in this class. While your own personal list can (and should!) grow as long and diverse as you want, each group must choose exactly three books to present to the class. You are trying to convince the class that one of the books your group has selected should be read next.

If you need ideas, here are some great book sites to start with:

(These are great places to start your search, but you are, of course, encouraged to visit other sites on your quest.)

Once your group has decided on which three books to present, you will need to research them. Find reviews of the book to get a better sense of plot, characters, and themes we may encounter. Find out about the author: where he or she is from and how their background is important to this story.

The Criteria

Each of the three books your group presents must come from a different country. (We are striving for diversity. The more countries we can cover as a class, the better.)

Each book should come from a different genre. (Drama, General Fiction, Mystery, Biography, Poetry, History, etc.)

At least one author should be female. (More than one is absolutely fine.)

Each book must have a Lexile score over 900. (What’s Lexile?)

Above all, the books must be interesting to you.

The Pitch

Your goal is to convince the class that you have found the book we must read next. In order to do that, you need to give us a sense of what to expect in a brief Prezi presentation. Be sure to include the name of the author and a bit of biographical information, a brief but interesting synopsis of the book to capture our imagination, and why you think you have found the right book for us to enjoy.

Each member of your group must contribute to the presentation. This includes speaking, as well as designing the Prezi and researching books.

After all groups have stated their cases, the class will take a vote. Each student will write down his or her top four choices from all of the books presented. I will tally the scores and decide the winning book.


One of your books may get chosen by the class. Perhaps not. You can still get full credit either way. Here’s the rubric.


Throughout this quest, you will find books that catch your interest. I will not be grading you on the content or number of books you find interesting. The criteria above is for your group presentation. The list of books you create is for you. No matter what comes of this assignment, keep that list of books. Add to it. Search for more titles from around the world and across cultures. Find stories that make you curious. The most important part, then, is to read them. You are already a good reader; this is how you become well-read.